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A living space, unique

This architectural and landscape, just one hour from Madrid, full of history and surrounded by walls, towers, and dominated at the top by a magnificent renaissance monastery, is a unique space where people can meet for memorable moments: social celebrations, banquets and weddings high fashion, events, corporate meetings, company conferences, presentations, conventions, team building, exhibitions or private tours, or scenarios of movies to producing... are some of the numerous possibilities it offers. Its exterior and interior spaces are spaces of life, which run through centuries of architectural styles is different.


The flow of creativity

MDU Events, recognized for its exclusivity, specializes in the complete organization of events. With high quality events, ensures a meticulous attention to every detail. Whether it be a social or corporate event, MDU Events, offers an experience that is unique, and sophisticated, reflecting the creativity, the distinctive style of your brand and adding always the majestic touch of the singular space of the Monastery of Uclés.
Your creative team, in collaboration with the best experts in lighting, scenery, music, or cuisine, you are the true creators of personalised experiences unforgettable. From the contained elegance of a table palatial to the exuberance of a table baroque. 
The Monastery is currently home of the exclusive celebration of the MDU Wedding Awards with the collaboration of Telva. 
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The Monastery
A scenario architectural and landscape to an hour from Madrid. Renaissance monastery in the historic enclave muslim.
The Courtyard
Courtyard of a square with cloister on two floors of the baroque period, thirty-six arches. Superb brocal baroque reservoir located in the middle of the courtyard.

1150 m2 750 m2 in the cloister under
The Refectory
Refectory or Great Room of the SIXTEENTH century, conceived to receive people from the nobility or the royal family itself.

Rectangular floor of 140 m2.
The Vestry
The sacristy plateresque two ships at a right angle, joined by a semicircular arch with three vaults and veins, forming a drawing of a starry.

180 m2
Church of herrera of a Latin cross plan with a single nave. A fabulous gate separates the chancel from the body of the church with side chapels connecting.

1140 m2 and 200 m2 of the choir
The Choir
On the 5 sections of the Church rises a large space that constitutes the Choir.

200 m2
or High Cloister
Upper gallery closed with 36 arches and balconies to the courtyard.

800 m2
Living room plant semicuadrada with balconies on the main facade.

125 m2
South Facade
Esplanade in front of the main façade, mexican Churrigueresque.

2,000 m2
West Facade
Esplanade to the west with views of the landscape of the Defense.

1,500 m2
Stay of the XVIII century, located outdoors on the outside of the Monastery, in front of the main facade, and at the foot of the Medieval towers.

1,000 m2
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We present to you the unique spaces MDU

They are a guarantee of success for its location on the landscape, its proximity to Madrid and its unique beauty. Spaces from 125 m2 to 2,000 meters, indoors and outdoors, with the capacity to provide the best stay for each of the moments of the event, and each of them has its personality. 
The stunning beauty of the spaces unites the excellence of organization in social events, cultural and business. We will be happy to provide more information related to the assignment of spaces.

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